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Registration is Open!


Registration is Open for “Intro” and “Beyond the Basics!”

Intro to the Jewish Experience is the basic “Intro” course for anyone who has little or no experience with Jewish community. This year it will meet on Wednesday nights from 7:30 till 9pm at Temple Sinai in Oakland, CA.  The class is co-sponsored by Congregation Beth El in Berkeley, CA, but we have had students from many other movements within Judaism: Conservative, Reconstructionist, Renewal, and Workmen’s Circle. For tuition and registration, go to the class page at the Lehrhaus Judaica website. The first class is Oct 2.

Beyond the Basics is a three part series for students who have a basic Intro-level education and who wish to deepen their Jewish experience with learning. In the Fall section, we’ll study the holidays in depth. In Winter, we’ll learn by doing, studying Jewish texts in search of our own insights, and in the Spring, we’ll look at the diversity of Jewish life and the commonalities that connect us. This class will meet on Thursday evenings from 7:30 till 9pm at Congregation Beth El in Berkeley, CA and it is co-sponsored by Temple Sinai. For tuition and registration, go to the class page at the Lehrhaus Judaica website.  The first class is Oct 3.

Wondering which class is for you?

Can you name four Jewish holidays and tell a co-worker how we celebrate them? If you can, Beyond the Basics is for you. If not, Intro is most appropriate.

Even if you can answer the question, if your rabbi told you to take Intro, it’s right for you. The Intro curriculum is set to cover all the “need to know” topics for new Jews, spouses of Jews, and those who want or need to navigate the Jewish community.

If you have questions about these classes, you can leave them in the Comments. I promise swift replies!

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