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The Internet offers a wealth of Jewish learning resources.  However, not all the information “out there” is of equal quality.   If a website seems to differ from what you learn from your rabbi, talk with your rabbi, and with your teachers.

Ask who is behind the website.  Question anything on the Internet that seems to be “off.”

Be skeptical.  Ask questions.  Questions are a Jewish tradition, too!

Jewish Periodicals Online

J, The Jewish Newsweekly of Northern California – The title says it all:  this is the periodical to follow if you want to keep up on Jewish life in Northern California.

The Forward – The Forward is American Jewry’s foremost Jewish newspaper.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency – Want up-to-the-minute Jewish news?  The JTA has served that purpose for American Jewry for a long time (as you can see by its name).

Moment Magazine – Jewish Politics, Culture and Religion, served up monthly since 1975.

Tablet Magazine – An online source for articles about Jewish culture.

The Jerusalem Post –  English-Language newspaper in Israel.

The Times of Israel – English-language online publication from Israel.


Learning Resources Online, all Searchable!

MyJewishLearning.comBasic information with respect to the full spectrum of Jewish observance.

Judaism 101 – Basic information from a traditional perspective.

Jewish Virtual Library – a marvelous resource from the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise.

YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe – a searchable online resource for information on Ashkenazi history and culture

2 Responses to Resources

  1. rabbiadar says:

    Sheri, I am glad you like the resources. I’m about to go on a major refurbishment of the website, so watch for improvements!

  2. Thank you for supplying a wonderful list of resources for your readers to folow. you have my blood pumping. I’m always in search of new information and wow – you have provided. Thank you.

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